Major Incident Teams

The South Yorkshire Police Major Incident Team (MIT) investigates Major Crime and is actually 4 separate teams, consisting of around 130 officers. The officers are made up of  trained Detectives, Crime Investigators and Major Incident Room staff who are responsible for operating the HOLMES2 (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System) computerised system.

The majority of MIT operations involve the investigation of homicide of a particular complexity and nature, known to the police as Category A and B Murder Investigations. However, the MIT is also responsible for investigating offences of kidnap, rape and large corporate investigations which may result in serious charges such as manslaughter. Close ties are also maintained with the Regional Counter Terrorism Units in order to support Counter Terrorism Investigations.

Major investigations are led by a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) who is experienced in the field of Major Crime Investigation. The SIO is responsible for developing the investigation strategy and is accountable to Chief Officers for the conduct of the investigation.

Investigations can take many months to complete and involve painstaking attention to detail, so the officers involved need to be highly motivated and tenacious.

Of course,  the MIT does not work in isolation. Major Investigations will often involve the services of other specialist departments such as Scientific Support, who’s Crime Scene Investigators can spend days examining scenes in order to glean forensic evidence which may be critical to the investigation. Specialist Search and House to House officers from our Tactical Support (insert link to OSS Tactical Support) teams are often scrabbled at the outset of an investigation and Hi-Tec Crime staff will usually be utilised to examine computers, mobile telephones and other technical devices. Additionally, we will always work closely with local police who are responsible for delivering local services, to monitor and address any community issues and concerns.

When offenders are arrested, interviewed and charged with serious crimes, following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, MIT staff are responsible for preparing the prosecution case and presenting this to Prosecuting Counsel. The Police, CPS and Counsel will work closely together to ensure the case is ready for a Crown Court Trial.