South Yorkshire Police understands that sustainability is about questioning all that we do and trying to reduce our impact to save money and help the environment. By asking ourselves "is this journey/printing/heater necessary?" or "do we need to do it this way?" we can help make a difference.  
We’re trying to get everyone involved in sustainability, asking our staff to make small changes to their routines at work. We’re trying to make sustainable ways of working our way. Why? Because sustainability makes sense, reduces costs and because little things make a big difference.
Our Force is a large organisation and we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment, which in turn will help us to save money. We work hard to integrate sustainability throughout all levels of the organisation and our Director of Finance has responsbility for Sustainability at a Senior Management level.  There are seven key areas that we are tackling to meet our commitment for us to reduce our negative impact on the environment, and for each of these areas we have set ourselves commitments.

We commit to: energy and improve the efficiency of our buildings to reduce our carbon footprint.

...reduce the number of unnecessary car journeys, encourage greener travel and maximize the efficiency of our fleet to reduce our carbon  footprint.

... reduce, reuse and recycle as much waste as possible and dispose of all waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

...monitor the materials and products used during daily business to maximise resource efficiency. To use our procurement system to encourage manufacturers, suppliers and contractors to develop and supply goods and services which are environmentally preferable.

... monitor and conserve our water use and to promote tap water not bottled water.

... take action to prevent pollution of air, water and land by understanding legislation and by acting responsibly.

... use our IT equipment in an energy and resource efficient manner and to maximise the efficiency of our IT equipment and invest in new technologies.

As part of our sustainability agenda, we are committed to completing the annual BitC environment index and to improving our scores each year. In 2010 we submitted our responses for the first time, in 2011 we achieved a Significant Improver award and in 2012 we achieved Bronze status and a Long Term Improver award. In 2013 we attained our highest score to date and achieved Silver status; we received a Significant Improver award and a Local Impact award for Carbon Reduction. Other successes include our achievement of the Carbonsaver Gold Standard award in 2011 and 2013.

Our current Sustainability strategy can be accessed here.