Applying for a certificate

The Warrants Firearms Licensing team is responsible for issuing Firearm, Shotgun and Explosives certificates to people who live in South Yorkshire, Registration of Firearms Dealership and European Firearms Passes.

Please do not use any other forms than those listed below:


Firearm & Shotgun certificate application pack
Letter to applicant

Availabilty Form

Use this form to apply for or renew a firearm or shotgun certificate
Variation application

Use this form to apply for a variation to your certificate.
If this is to replace a firearm sold in the last 7 days then no fee is payable.
If this is to add a new authority to your certificate a fee of £20 is payable

Notification formUse this form to notify a transfer of firearm or shotgun. Alternatively send an email to
Application for firearms Dealer certificateUse this form to apply for or renew a registered firearms dealership certificate
Application for visitor's permitUse this form to apply for visitors permit. A fee of £20 is payable for an individual or £100 for a group application.
Individual application for an explosive certificate (ER4)If you are applying for an explosives certificate - 
a) For your use as an individual, please complete part A and those parts indicated against your choice of a certificate either to accquire only or to accquire and keep
b) On behalf of a body coporate, company or, in Scotland, a partnership, please complete part B and those parts indicated against the choice of a certificate to either acquire only or acquire and keep
Application for the grant of an explosive certificate for use in Shotguns or Firearms (ER4A)If you are only requiring the explosives for use in firearms or shotguns or for black powder (gunpowder) in connection with re-enactment, you should make your application using the form ER 4A.

Application Process

Once a correctly completed application is received by Warrants and Firearms Licensing a receipt will be sent within seven days for any fee paid. Any incorrectly completed application will be returned with guidance on how to correct any mistakes.

An appointment availability form will be sent out to the applicant requesting a suitable date for a Firearms Enquiry Officer (FEO) to visit you at home and discuss the application. In the first instance you will receive a letter providing the date of your appointment. In the days, leading up to your appointment the FEO assigned to conduct your enquiry will contact you to let you know a more precise time slot. FEO's work between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00.

When completing the appointment availability form please provide all the dates, which you could be available between these times. Every effort will be made to accommodate your personal circumstances however; this may not always be possible

Home Visit by the Firearms Enquiry Officer

When the FEO visits you at home, there will be certain checks they need to carry out. Firstly, they will want to inspect the safe storage for any firearms. The following methods of security are acceptable:

·         Home Office approved gun cabinet

·         Secure gun room

·         Gun clamp (one firearm only)

·         Gun cables

They will also inspect any firearms that are currently held at the address. This is to confirm that the details of any firearm match those held on the National Firearms Licensing Management System and that the conform to the relevant legislation.

Finally, the FEO will conduct and interview of the applicant to determine their suitability to hold a certificate. This is likely to include some very personally questions about family relationships, previous contact with the police, medical conditions and any other relevant lifestyle factors. Please do not be offended by the questions the FEO will ask, as these are a normal part of fulfilling the Home Office suitability criteria and are asked of every applicant.

The answers given to questions during the interview and on the application form itself must be true to the best of the applicants knowledge as failure to disclose relevant factors is a criminal offence under the Firearms Act.

After the visit, the FEO will submit a report to the Firearms Licensing Management team who will make the final decision of whether to grant a certificate to the applicant. The Warrants and Firearms Manager and Assistant Manager make most decisions, however in some cases it is necessary to refer decision to a Superintendent or Chief Superintendent.

Producing the Certificate

The Warrants and Firearms administrators based at force headquarters will produce a certificate from the National Firearms Licensing Management System based on the recommendations made by the FEO. The Warrants and Firearms Manager or Assistant Manager who will then make the final decision to grant the application will then review the certificate.

Once the certificate is granted, it is sent out by first class post.

It is always our aim to ensure that the renewal of a certificate is completed prior to the expiry of the previous certificate if the application was made at least 8 weeks (56 days) before renewal. Application packs are sent out between 12 and 16 weeks before the expiry date and we ask that applications are returned promptly once received.


For more information, please contact the Warrants and Firearms Licensing team using the below contact details:

Telephone: 01142964186

Opening times 08:30-16:30