Drug Related Arrests - Under 18s

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Request Date: 

Wednesday, 29 November, 2017

Response Date: 

Monday, 11 December, 2017

Request Details: 

Please tell me for each of the following financial years a) 2012/13 b) 2013/14 c) 2014/15 d) 2015/16 e) 2016/17 how many children (under 18) were arrested for: a) supply of controlled drugs - class A b) supply of controlled drugs - class B c) supply of controlled drugs - class C d) possession of controlled drugs (class A) with intent to supply e) possession of controlled drugs (class B) with intent to supply f) possession of controlled drugs (class C) with intent to supply. For each arrest, please tell me a) the suspect's age b) the suspect's gender

SYP Response: 

I approached our Custody Handling System (CHS) Analyst for assistance with your request. This system records details relating to arrests and detainees held in custody. She conducted a search of the system using the criteria above and provided the raw data from which the enclosed two spreadsheets have been compiled. This splits the data into 1) Supply of a controlled drug, and 2) possession with intent to supply. Each tab provides the recored information requested by year. Please note that this data relates to the number of offences which resulted in an arrest. An offender can be arrested for more than one offence. Please refer to the Count Distinct at the foot of each table to determine the number of children that have been arrested for the listed offences.


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