What's at the end of your drink?

What's at the end of your drink on a night out?

Thousands of students have descended on Sheffield to start their new lives in the city and enjoy their university experience.

For most, this will be an enjoyable experience involving plenty of nights out and drinking, and we are asking students to think; What’s at the end of your drink?

Statistics have shown that violent offences against students are more likely to involve alcohol as an aggravating factor than violent crime committed against the rest of the population. It also shows that almost one quarter of violent crime against students is perpetrated by other students. 

Know your limits

Responsible drinking could reduce the chances of you being a victim or offender of violent crime.

Have a look at the tips below, to stop your night ending with injuries or conviction

  • You don't have to be drunk to have a good night -set limits and stick to them
  • A healthy meal and snacks throughout the night can help to slow down the absorption of alcohol and help you to stay in control
  • Try to avoid drinking in large rounds-this helps you to stay in control of how much you are drinking
  • Pace yourself - drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks
  • Consider cutting down on your alcohol intake by drinking halves, bottles or shandies instead of pints
  • Stick with friends throughout the night and pre-plan your journey home
  • Think about the consequences of your actions - a conviction could lead to a fine, a sentence, or problems with getting a job and travelling abroad. 

Good Night Out

We want everybody to enjoy themselves when they're out, enjoying student live. For more tips and advice to ensure your night doesn't end bad, click on the link below

Good Night Out