Help and Advice

Report a crime

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with us to report a crime depending on the urgency, the type of request, and your individual needs. Read this section to find out how and who you can report a crime to.

A-Z of crime types

These pages contain information to help you contribute to the fight against crime by protecting yourself and your property.

Overseas Visitor's Registrations

If you are visiting the UK then you may need to register with the police. Visitors from several countries are required by law to register. The following pages contain all the information and forms you require to register as an overseas visitor.


Lifewise is an interactive learning centre for South Yorkshire communities. Featuring a purpose-built film-set, it is used to educate visitors about safety and citizenship with the ultimate aim of reducing crime and improving quality of life.

Information for victims of crime

We are dedicated to improving the service we provide to victims and witnesses of crime. The following section contains information on the service you can expect from us, and what happens after you report a crime.

Crime prevention advice

It is not enough for the police alone to fight crime. To achieve our aim of making South Yorkshire a safe place to live and work we need the people who live here, work here and visit here to do their part in making life difficult for criminals.

Your personal data – subject access

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 98) gives you the right to access personal information [information about yourself] held by organisations. This section contains all of the necessary information surrounding subject access, fees and the forms you will be required to complete.