Antisocial behaviour and Night time economy

Affected location: 

Ecclesfield and Chapeltown.

Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Wednesday, 27 February, 2013

Action taken: 

High visibilty foot and cycle patrols have been increased. A shop watch has been set up and now operational within the Chapeltown and High Green areas.

The first Chapeltown ShopWatch meeting took place in Chapeltown Library 4 attendees from Costcutter, Tesco, Asda and the Pharmacy. various issues discussed.

Burncross and Chapeltown action group meeting took place which reviewed previous yeards contributions to the Chapeltown and Burncross areas, also discussed furture plans. The meeting was attended by the Mayor, local coucillors and volunteers who work within the projects.

On the 4/10/12 local PCSO's conducted cycle patrols in the Chapeltown and Burncross area, specifically targetting Cold Callers.

On the 10/10/12 officers conducted a Test Purchase operation aimed at stopping off-licenses selling alcohol to underage youths. The operation involves Police officers and cadets (all under the age of 18) in plain clothes, the cadet will enter the store and attempt to buy alcohol. In total 9 premises were visited in the Chapeltown and Ecclesfield area, all of which passed.

On the 12/10/12 officers attended at Tesco, Burncross Road. The store had recently been subject to an increase in ASB incidents, officers liased with staff and agreed to visit the store as much as possible. The extra patrols and attention to the store will no doubt also deter potential drive-offs and shop lifting incidents.

Following increased reports from shop owners several offenders have been identified and issued with acceptable behaviour contracts (ABC's).
ABC's are an agreed contract between the police and the offenders to which they agree to adhere to. These may include not to congregate in a certain area or not to engage in behaviour which may cause harassment alarm and distress. Following this there have been far viewer reports of antisocial behaviour from these individuals in the Chapeltown area

On the 23/11/12 officers attended the Co-Op on High Street Ecclesfield following a report of 3 known nominals shoplifting in the store. PCSO's from the local area attended and conducted an area search, after a short while one of the males involved was located on Monteney Crescent and detained. Enquiries are ongoing at this time.

On the 4th December Cycle patrols were conducted through the shift in and around Ecclesfield and Chapeltown.

During December and January high visibility patrols were conducted during which time several youths were served with Parental Advisory Letters re their childrens conducted relatng to anti social behaviour inparticular throwing eggs at property.

22 January ShopWatch meeting took place in Chapeltown Library 2 attendees from Tesco, Asda and the . various issues discussed.

February has seen continuous patrols on both foot and cycle in the area, and further Parental Advisory Letters have been issued.