Misconduct Findings

If an officer resigns or retires earlier than expected, their pension entitlement will be significantly lower than an officer who completes their full service. The force will, in the most serious cases, seek the forfeiture of the pension all together. Therefore, an officer resigning or retiring early represents a significant saving to the public purse.  

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DateOfficer(Rank/Role)Allegation TypeAllegation DetailsOutcomeSource


Misconduct Hearing

 Police Sergeant

Authority,Respect & CourtesyJanuary 2017 an officer was found to have made frequent comments to a junior member of staff which were unprofessional and inappropriateFinal Written Warning

Internal Conduct- Gross Misconduct

Jan -17

Misconduct Meeting

Police StaffDiscreditable ConductA member of police staff whilst off duty parked his private vehicle outside a parade of shops and had his lower clothes pulled down around his thighs exposing himself. At this time a member of the public walked by and reported the matter to the policeWritten WarningPublic Complaint- Misconduct


Special Case Hearing

Police OfficerDiscreditable Conduct & Fitness for DutyIn December 2016 an officer paraded for work and was unfit for duty ,having driven to work in their own private vehicle, whilst over the prescribed alcohol limit.Dismissed without Notice

Internal Conduct-

Gross Misconduct


Misconduct Meeting

Police OfficerDiscreditable ConductIn November 2016 an officer pursued a course of conduct that constituted harassment against their ex-partner, who was also a police officer. This behaviour resulted in a first course of conduct warning under the Protection from Harassment Act 1977Final Written Warning

Internal Conduct-


Feb 2017

Misconduct Meeting

Police StaffDiscreditable ConductIn May 2016 , a member of police staff, whilst off duty and under the influence of alcohol, became involved in an altercation with a member of door staff at a nightclub, before allegedly purporting to be a police officer. Consequently, the member of police staff made inappropriate and discreditable comments to attending police officers in respect of the organisation.Verbal Warning

Internal Misconduct

March 2017

Misconduct Hearing

Police Officer


Duties and Reponsibilities


In February 2007 a report was received from Social Services detailing allegations of sexual assault against two sisters by their step-father.The officer allocated to investigate the report failed to conduct a proper investigation into the allegations made by Miss A and Miss B and failed to take adequate steps to safeguard Miss A, Miss B and their younger brother.Final Written WarningPublic Complaint- Gross Misconduct