Meet the project team


Chief Constable Stephen Watson Project Lead 
 Chief Constable Stephen Watson




 Project Director
 Chief Inspector Stuart Walne




 Project Manager 
 David Turner MBE




 Project Co-ordinator 
 Bobby G S Dev





 Police and Crime Commissioner 
 Dr Alan Billings


What we do

From January through to March, we will visit each participating school and launch the award during assemblies. Once suitable candidates have been identified, we start working with them straight away, helping them to complete the application form and giving advice on the activities the young people will be undertaking.

The project team will continue to visit the school and help the young people on time management, learning through experience and project design and management. Each visit from them will see a different activity covered and will asses what progress has been made on each subject area.

Help is available throughout the project either through the school tutor or a member of the project team.