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Morning Sarah, this happened at 7pm last night on Nether Hall Rd, a suitcase recovered as found propert… https://t.co/u93Kxhjvp6
This morning we’ve got armed police at our train stations, city & town centres, & for reassurance
We're sure lots of you will be doing the below today so please remain vigilant & get in touch if anything concerns… https://t.co/9arQpx5IpU
Appeal: Officers investigating incidents of indecent exposure release an image of a man they would like to speak to, https://t.co/lwMA5hoTG6
We’re police staff here providing extra reassurance via social media, helping our officers & call handlers who are working tirelessly 2/2
Hi Carl, our lines can get busy, particularly at peak times. Did you know that you can report online… https://t.co/kSTqS5k14J
it certainly looks like it! We thought it was appropriate with the glorious sunshine this morning. Have a good weekend ☀️
We’ve had some lovely messages about our reassurance patrols – thank you! It means so much to our officers & staff… https://t.co/qHFLWF0yn2
You’ll see extra armed & unarmed officers across today, working hard to keep you safe. Please make their da… https://t.co/L8wxJcoioZ
Morning all, you up early to make the most of the bank holiday weekend? Our increased patrols continue today for yo… https://t.co/CXSMiOsiSz
Morning, our increased police presence in busy areas is for public safety and to provide reassurance.
It's your local council's decision to provide an out of hours service for noise complaints.Please… https://t.co/vdhabieScn
The Police do not have powers to deal with noise complaints.It's something you need to speak to your council about.
Please visit the website - https://t.co/eI4elWXYI9 or call us on 101 if you wish to make a complaint about our officers.
Beth, We are currently very busy. DM with your number and someone will call you.
It does look like we forgot to post re St George’s day. There was no specific reason for… https://t.co/388KigSjqF
I'm glad it was a good experience for your little boy and he realises that our officer… https://t.co/kr1cgLDGQh
Have you got an incident to report to us? don't forget you can report online at https://t.co/FX5ktuoy7q as an alternative to calling 101
Officers have been called to a number of unattended bags today. Please take care of your belongings this weekend so not to raise alarm.
A lovely pic of one of our officers in this afternoon. We hope that you felt safer if you've seen them… https://t.co/mfkRbGxfxx
Kimberley, No we there to protect and engage with the public so please say Hi.
No - I'm sure they'd be happy to meet him! 😀
They might do, though some are shy - ask them and see! 😀
Happy Ramadan to everyone celebrating across South Yorkshire, including our officers and staff https://t.co/OmHoxDtuFu