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Hi Rebecca, sorry to hear this. Has the incident been reported to us?
Good morning! It's a cold and icy start to the morning! Take care on the roads and wrap up warm. Make sure your win… https://t.co/zS6ysfl9mI
Your friends and family may have told you that they’re concerned and worried about your safety. If it’s not physic… https://t.co/YAh8JIoV2v
What’s happening in your area? Don’t know? Sign-up for local alerts from police by text, email or voice message a… https://t.co/ugUPLfN5nj
: With the issuing warning for & , SYP Lego Cop says please take extra c… https://t.co/VAfn04gZ7B
Hello, did you report this on 101? if not, please contact us so this can be investigated. Thank you
If you sexually assault someone, you could end up in court. Get true consent. https://t.co/tagynlu5mp
Pedestrian seriously injured in collision - https://t.co/kIqZ00qwHV
If you offered someone anything and they said no, you wouldn’t then proceed to force it upon them. No means no.… https://t.co/nc00uayyv1
Domestic abuse affects entire families. We are committed to prosecuting those people who commit domestic abuse.… https://t.co/Sr6tAOwubO
Santa reported a theft of some presents he'd left in the back of his sleigh. SYP Lego Cop is… https://t.co/PIBTR541MB
If you've been the victim of a sexual offence, there is support available. We're here to help, when you're ready to… https://t.co/TgiQkljwuC
We want to make people think about their actions, particularly over the festive period. Get true consent. https://t.co/6CWpNfCvGG
You may have concerns about the way your partner or ex-partner treats you, whether it’s because they are violent or… https://t.co/g7XBv6SVOm
Brrrr! Snow is expected this weekend, so please stay safe everyone and be sure to follow for updates o… https://t.co/KCYYqB4SWO
Purse bells are a set of bells that fasten onto your purse/bag and will ring should anyone try to open… https://t.co/woeZoOQCGd
NEWS: Six people charged with alleged robberies, burglaries & attempted burglaries across by the city's… https://t.co/vrc2aGUTmF
Sexual offences can take many forms, from grabbing someone’s bum in a bar to rape. It is never ok for someone to se… https://t.co/6nIebZQPrr
RT : If you receive a text from about 'unauthorised activity on your account', be very suspicious of any links o… https://t.co/wu7ATpcE02
NEWS: A 19-year-old man and 15-year-old boy have appeared before courts this week charged in connection… https://t.co/dmveFsBdSl
UPDATE: Two teenage girls have been bailed pending further enquiries as officers continue to investigate a reported… https://t.co/uwSXxGuOLC
SYP Lego Cops have that & enjoying a festive treat whilst taking a sneak-peak… https://t.co/1fTOOBB238
News: CCTV images released in connection with armed robbery https://t.co/AKXrGjw1MB Do you recognise the… https://t.co/D18kYyn1SJ
Can you help trace this man? He could be anywhere in the country. https://t.co/rKRfADTF8e
Hi Geoff, thanks for your feedback. Glad you managed to get through eventually.