Organisational structure

Date published: 02 May 2018 13:32
Organisational chart 2018

Organisational chart 2018

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Head of Business Change and Innovation - Jacqueline Bland

Head of Atlas Communications - Superintendent Robert Chapman

Head of Operational Support - Superintendent Simon Wanless

Head of Corporate Services - Chief Superintendent Natalie Shaw

Head of Corporate Communications - Carrie Goodwin

Head of Professional Standards - Detective Superintendent David Barraclough

Head of Legal Services - Julian Wright

Head of Custody - Chief Inspector Helen Lewis

Head of Facilities Management - Sally Gleave

Head of Information Systems - Mark Chivers

Head of Procurement - Ruth McDermot

Head of Vehicle Fleet Management - Sarah Gilding

Head of Human Resources - Jo Jackson

Head of Specialist Crime Services - Detective Chief Superintendent James Abdy

Head of Criminal Justice Administration Department - Superintendent Simon Verrall

Head of Corporate Finance - Geoffrey Berrett

Head of the Special Constabulary – Chief Officer Stephen Merrett