Misconduct Hearings

Date published: 23 September 2020 05:08

Misconduct Hearings and Special Case Hearings are public unless the person chairing the hearing decides to exclude the public from part or all of a sitting.

Only the results of the most recent Misconduct Hearings will be displayed here for a period of 28 days, after which time, the results will be removed. Please see “Misconduct Findings” for all current year and archive misconduct results.

Former DC 2558 Godfrey was subject of a misconduct hearing on the 21st August 2020.

The panel considered allegations that (a) the former officer was found to have produced a witness statement purporting to have taken it from a resident of South Yorkshire, when in fact he had never met the said resident. The former officer then provided a fictitious story to his supervisor regarding the statement, intending to mislead the supervisor. (b) on or around 50 occasions between April and December 2018, the former officer used South Yorkshire Police vehicles in circumstances where he had no legitimate policing purpose for doing so.

The hearing was chaired by the Chief Constable who decided that both aspects of the conduct were proven and amounted to gross misconduct, in relation to Honesty and Integrity and Discreditable Conduct.  Had the officer still been a serving officer, he would have been dismissed without notice.

The officer has been placed on the Barred List with the College of Policing.


Purpose of Public Misconduct Hearing

Misconduct Hearings are held to present the facts of a case and allow officers the opportunity to explain their conduct and the circumstances surrounding an allegation. Witnesses may also be called to give evidence. The purpose of a Public Hearing is to show that the Police disciplinary system is open and transparent and holds officers in breach of acceptable Standards of Professional Behaviour, or those that found guilty of misconduct, accountable for their actions.

Purpose of Public Special Case Hearing

Special Case Misconduct Hearings are designed to demonstrate that officers are held to account for their actions. However, they are ‘fast track’ procedures, where there is incontrovertible evidence to establish, on the balance of probabilities, the conduct of the officer constitutes gross misconduct and the officer concerned should cease to be a police officer, without delay. For this reason there will be no witness testimony other than from the officer concerned, if they choose to give evidence.

Forthcoming Misconduct Hearings  

 Officer's name: PC 3861 Thomas Rogers

Date of the hearing: Tuesday 29th September 2020

Time of the hearing: 10am

The place at which the hearing will take place: The Professional Standards Department, Churchill Way, Chapeltown, Sheffield.  Authorised members of the public wishing to attend the misconduct hearing should attend at The Lifewise Centre, Kea Park Close, Hellaby Industrial Estate, Rotherham S66 8LB.  We have limited capacity due to Covid19 and therefore pre authorisation is necessary.

This is a hearing into the conduct of PC Thomas, an police officer from South Yorkshire Police, who is subject to the following allegations:-

On 17/02/18, he attended at an address in Sheffield, accompanied by a number of other officers, in respect of a concern that a 3 year old child had been abducted.

The child, his father and other family members were present and the child was being held by his aunt.

It is alleged that PC Thomas applied force to the person holding the child, which was not necessary, proportionate or reasonable in the circumstances.  The behaviour caused alarm and distress to both the child and the person holding him.

The above alleged conduct breaches the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Use of Force and if proven would amount to gross misconduct.

Misconduct Hearing Application

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Misconduct Findings

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