What we spend and how we spend it

Date published: 08 July 2021 07:03

Inspection of Statement of Accounts

Public notice 2020-21

A guide to your rights 2020-21

Force budget

The Police and Crime Commissioner has responsibility for setting the force budget. Click the link to access the information.

Expenditure over £500

Details of all expenditure over £500 is available from the Police and Crime Commissioner's website.

Support for the provision of Police Community Support Officers

Total budget for PCSO’s (including overtime):-

2018/19               £7,681,127

2017/18               £7,547,586

2016/17               £7,379,689

The following grant funding contributed to the above:-

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

2018/19               £271,733

2017/18               £271,733

2016/17               £271,733

A number of PCSO’s in Sheffield were funded based on the level of the Community Safety Fund grant that Sheffield received from the PCC. This meant that we granted them funds to then return to the force the £311k to cover the PCSO’s. For 2018/19, rather than allocate the £311k annually to Sheffield the PCC transferred the budget to SYP to fund them directly.

South Yorkshire PCC Police Financial Regulations

How to do business with us

Our force, along with all the Yorkshire and Humber police forces, conduct all tendering electronically via the e-tendering system, Bluelight.

To trade with Yorkshire and the Humber Police Forces you will need to register, as a Supplier, with BlueLight.

Standard terms and conditions for suppliers.

Financial instructions for Tenders and Quotations

Up to £10k: The local procurement procedure may use any reasonable means to select the supplier, preferably three quotations shall be obtained ( this may be from catalogues or price lists). The procurement procedure and outcome must be recorded and retained locally.

£10k to £50k: At least three formal written quotations or references to three supplier catalogues shall be obtained. At least one quotation should be sought, where possible, from a local SME.

Over £50k: All procurement to be managed by the Regional Procurement team. At least three tenders shall be obtained. Where the aggregated value of the tender is in excess of EU thresholds, tender procedures will be in accordance with EU Procurement directives.