Date published: 25 April 2023 07:12

We recognise the importance of consulting with our communities, partner organisations and other stakeholders to ensure that we are delivering the best possible service. Often this is done by or in partnership with Police and Crime Commissioner.  Below you can find information on some of the consultations.

Advisory panel on policing protests

The Advisory Panel on Policing Protests is an independent body established by the South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). Established in March 2016, it offers support and challenge to police in the planning and learning stages of managing protests and marches taking place in South Yorkshire.

Find out more on this panel here

IAP for Minority Communities

The panel has been refreshed to ensure as many diverse communities as possible can put forward their views on police and crime issues and that they can have a more engaging role in policing our communities.

Find out more information on the panel here.

Independent ethics panel

The Independent Ethics Panel was launched in January 2015 to help increase public trust and confidence in the way police officers carry out their duties and to encourage greater public scrutiny of police operations.

The Panel provides independent and effective challenge and assurance around integrity, standards and ethics of decision-making in policing.

Find out more on this panel here.