South Yorkshire Police roll out Body Worn Video cameras

Date published: 08 May 2019 15:03
Dated: 08 May 2019 15:35:55

South Yorkshire Police officers and PCSOs will soon be equipped with the latest technology as the force rolls out Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras.

The innovative cameras will be used to help capture evidence to provide increased support for victims of crime, to reduce malicious complaints and protect frontline staff from physical attacks.

Worn attached to the officers’ clothing, BWV records video and audio footage at the press of a button.

Firearms officers were the first to be issued with the technology, with the roll-out planned to permeate through remaining staff over the next few months.

Chief Superintendent Robert Odell who is overseeing the roll-out at South Yorkshire Police said: “As our rollout commences, members of the public may start to see our officers wearing BWV.

“We strongly believe that issuing our staff with the cameras will make a big difference to not only the safety of our officers, but members of the public too.

“BWV has proven itself amongst other forces across the UK to be a brilliant deterrent as well as a source of improved evidence to support investigations, which has resulted in increased conviction rates- particularly in cases of domestic violence and public order offences.

“Whether it is a domestic incident, a disturbance in the local pub or a serious road traffic collision, having a recording of what our officers have seen and heard will allow us to present compelling evidence in court to secure justice for victims of crime.”

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Commissioner said: “I welcome this development. Experience elsewhere suggests three important reasons for police  wearing cameras:

“It helps the police to maintain their own standards of professional conduct.

“It makes people who come into contact with the police think twice about their behaviour.

“It captures evidence that stands up in court.”

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