Irreplaceable photos reunited with owner

Date published: 09 September 2019 07:08
Dated: 09 September 2019 08:04:08
It might be blowing our own trumpet, but we had to share this fantastic story with you…

Last month our Sheffield South East Neighbourhood Team recovered a haul of stolen goods from an allotment in Stradbrook. 

One of the items was an IPad, with a tiny bit of battery remaining, and two cheery faces as the screensaver.  

After failing to find the items listed on our systems, the team posted the screensaver on social media, to try and reunite the goods with their rightful owners...

Since then, they’ve managed to reunite the IPad with Fred Roberts, who told them it stored photographs of his late wife which are of irreplaceable value to him. 

Fred's daughter Debbie said that having the IPad returned meant "everything" to her dad. 

Safe to say he’s chuffed, and so are we. 

Job well done.  
Debbie Robinson, PCSO Curtis Briggs & Fred Roberts

Debbie Robinson, PCSO Curtis Briggs & Fred Roberts

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