Meet the dog protecting you on Christmas Day

Date published: 25 December 2020 11:01
Dated: 25 December 2020 11:00:44
Christmas will be a little different for everyone this year, apart from PD Benson, who is on duty keeping you safe this Christmas Day.

As you sit around to pull a cracker and eat your Christmas dinner please spare a thought for our dedicated canine and his handler on duty.

PD Benson, the three year-old Dutch Herder will know Santa has been and his treats are waiting, after all he’s had a very busy year catching and helping detain criminals so deserves a full stocking!

However, being a police dog, PD Benson knows he will have to wait until his shift is finished to over indulge with his family on bones, chews and cuddles.

PD Benson’s handler PC Mike Greaves will be joining his paw-some partner on duty, starting their shift at the Operational Support Complex.

PC Greaves said: “Me and Benson have been working together since 2018 and today is his first Christmas Day on duty. I have been a police officer for many years, so it’s not my first!

“Benson couldn’t really ask for a better Christmas present than coming to work, he loves it!

“He knows the difference between me being in uniform and being out of uniform. As soon as he recognises it’s work time, he is very excited, especially when his best friends PD Kiki and PD Willow are on duty.

“He loves using his nose and tracking criminals, this is how he has caught the majority of his prisoners this year, he also loves searching for stolen property; his nose is amazing!

“As soon as we have finished, it will be home for celebrations and Benson loves nothing more than attention, a cuddle and food.

“We wish everyone across South Yorkshire a merry Christmas.”
PD Benson getting into the festive spirit!

PD Benson getting into the festive spirit!

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