National Problem Solving Programme secures funding to continue

Date published: 18 May 2020 14:59
Dated: 18 May 2020 15:58:30

The Problem Solving and Demand Programme, led by South Yorkshire Police on behalf of all police forces in England and Wales, has today (Monday 18th May) announced that it has secured funding from the Home Office to continue post March for another year.

The national programme, which was established in 2017 after the force was awarded £6.35 million from the Home Office’s Police Transformation Fund, was originally launched for three years to transform ways of working across the police at a local, regional and national level.

Following the successful delivery of the programme’s vision, the Home Office has committed further funding to allow the programme to continue its work for another year to reduce demand on police and partners, by embedding a structure problem solving ethos and capability. Alongside this, South Yorkshire Police is working to embed a number of the programme’s work streams on a long-term basis.

As part of the programme’s new remit, it will focus on enhancing learning and development regarding problem solving, promoting and developing the Knowledge Hub national repository, hosting police and partner workshops on specific thematic areas and facilitating regional networks to progress problem solving nationally. In addition to this, the programme team will continue to deliver the Tilley Awards, relaunched by the programme in 2018, and the National Problem Solving Conference.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson QPM, South Yorkshire Police said: “We are delighted to have secured this funding to continue with aspects of the Problem Solving and Demand Reduction Programme. It is clear that the programme’s work has made a significant impact on policing nationally in such a short space of time, and it is encouraging to see that this has been recognised by the Home Office.

“This funding will allow the programme to refocus on certain elements that we have recognised as successes which can be built on, to support the fundamental aim of police, which is to make our communities safer.”

Since its launch, the programme has promoted and embedded problem solving within policing and its partners across England and Wales, through the creation of regional networks, practice advice and guidelines, and technology developments, such as the Knowledge Hub and a pilot of the first integrated case management system for use by police and partners. In addition to this, the team has hosted national workshops, conferences and awards to share and celebrate learning regarding problem solving.

The programme has also produced a number of key research reports that will be utilised across the globe, and have worked with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) to develop the problem solving inspection process nationally.

To reflect the programme’s new focus, it will be rebranded as the Problem Solving and Crime Prevention Programme. As a result, the programme’s twitter account will change to @PSCP_Programme.

Further information on the programme’s work streams, and how these have benefitted the police, partners and the public, can be found at

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