281 drivers stopped as part of Project Edward

Date published: 25 September 2020 11:27
Dated: 25 September 2020 10:53:57

Roads Policing Officers supporting ‘Project Edward’ stopped just under 300 cars on the roads of South Yorkshire as part of a week of action targeting offences that have a significant impact on road fatalities.

Project Edward stands for ‘Every Day Without A Road Death’ and sees police forces nationally targeting drivers who drive without seatbelts, on their phone, speeding or under the influence of drink and drugs.

The project is not only about enforcement but also educating drivers, if we all make little changes, we can create safer roads.

Officers stopped 281 vehicles during the five day operation. Of those drivers, 151 were committing offences and dealt with either by arrest or being issued a Traffic Offence Reports or warning.

Roads Policing Sergeant Bruce Yacomeni explains more about the operation, he said: “The operation focused on a different theme each day.

“To identify what area each themed operation would cover, we reviewed data from local authorities and partners, and drawn upon officers’ local knowledge of the roads.

“Monday saw the team focus on the A628 in Barnsley, looking at ‘Safer drivers’ ensuring those stopped had the relevant insurance and that they were not speeding.

“Tuesday saw officers focus their attention on Manchester Road in Sheffield, the M1 Junction 32 and South Anston around the theme ‘safer journeys’.

“Wednesday saw officers focus their attention on the vehicles of drivers, looking at tyres, towing loads and overall roadworthiness. Checks were conducted on the M1, M18, A1 and M180.

“Thursday officers focused on ‘driver well-being’, looking at the driving hours of HGV drivers and those who pose a risk on our roads by drink and drug driving. Attention was directed to the A630 in Rotherham and the M1 Junction 33 near to Eastwood.

“The final day of the operation saw officers focus on vehicle roadworthiness and the tax and MOT of vehicles. Checks were conducted on the A630 at Consibrough and M18 Junction 4 near to Frenchgate and Wheatley.”

Of the drivers stopped, ten were not wearing a seatbelt, 13 were using a mobile phone behind the wheel, one was over the drink drive limit and two were driving while under the influence of drugs.

81 drivers received a Traffic Offence Report for insurance, driving licence and seatbelt offences.

24 drivers received warnings or words of advice.

As part of Tuesday’s ‘Safer journey’ theme, officers from the Sheffield North West Neighbourhood Team carried out a safe pass operation, ensuring drivers and cyclists share the road.

‘Safe pass’ involves a plain clothed officer cycling along a road ensuring that drivers pass them safely and at 1.5m distance. They are also looking for cyclists who pose a risk to drivers with inconsiderate cycling.

Officers cycled along the A57 in Sheffield. Two drivers received TOR’s for using a mobile phone while driver and their manner of driving. An education video that highlights the dangers of not passing a cyclist safely was shown to 13 drivers. Two cyclists were also advised on their manner of cycling.

Sgt Yacomeni added: “In 2019 48 people lost their lives in road traffic collisions and 929 people were involved in serious collisions in South Yorkshire.

“We all have a part in making the roads safer for everyone. We are all someone’s loved one and need to go home at the end of the day.

“We will continue doing all we can through our partnership working with safety cameras and South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership to create safer roads.”

For more information about safer driving please visit SYSR website- https://sysrp.co.uk/

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