Enjoy your night out - on the right side of the law

Date published: 13 December 2021 18:36
Dated: 13 December 2021 18:35:34

People enjoying a Christmas and New Year tipple or two are being urged to enjoy a night out – on the right side of the law.

With ‘Mad Friday’ (the Friday before Christmas Eve which tends to be the most popular night out for parties) this Friday (17 December) revellers are being encouraged to remember the night for all the right reasons.

Officers are anticipating busy nights out all week, the week after ‘Mad Friday’ and then in the run up to New Year’s Eve.

Calls for service are expected to increase and a dedicated policing operation (Operation Blitzen) will start on Mad Friday, when officers in each district across the force will be taking to the streets to help keep people safe.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Sarah Poolman, said: “The vast majority will head out into the pubs and clubs of South Yorkshire and have a great night out, and that’s how we want it to be.

“Unfortunately a very small minority of people will remember their night out for all the wrong reasons and find themselves spending the night in a police cell.

“I want to encourage people to have a great night out whilst not spoiling it for themselves and others by getting arrested.

“I would ask everyone to trust their instincts and step away from situations if you feel there is a problem. Look out for yourself and for others.

“Also don’t forget to leave sufficient time for alcohol to exit your system before driving, including the morning after a night out. You may still be over the limit to drive.”

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