Over 200 drivers enter 2021 without a vehicle

Date published: 08 January 2021 12:19
Dated: 08 January 2021 12:06:24
Christmas and New Year did not stop our officers seizing cars off the roads of South Yorkshire. 

137 drivers failed to ask Santa for car insurance and are entering 2021 without a vehicle after having theirs seized. 

74 vehicles were also believed to be stolen and seized from drivers and the roads.

Policing is a 365 day job, and Christmas 2020 saw officers seize 21 vehicles on Christmas Day for various reasons.

Driving without car insurance is against the law, but having valid insurance is more than the law, it is designed to protect victims of road traffic collisions by providing financial compensation, often needed to repair or replace their car or adapt their lives following serious injury.

Roads Policing Inspector Jason Booth explains more about why officers are keen to take action against drivers who fail to get insurance, he said: “Some people decide to not take out an insurance policy; these drivers are proven, by research, to be more likely to take further risks on our roads, including driving dangerously, at speed or under the influence of drink or drugs.

“Those using vehicles to commit crimes are also unlikely to have car insurance and officers conducting a routine traffic stop often find further surprises; highlighting why routine checks of our roads are so important.

“A small amount of other drivers are unaware that their policy is invalid or does not cover them for certain vehicles. The fine and penalty is still the same, those driving without valid insurance will receive a minimum of £300 fine and six points on their licence.

“Please consider checking your policy is valid. Driving with invalid or no car insurance is avoidable and in such uncertain times, we are always keen for our communities to support us in reducing our contact with people and Covid-19.”

Check your insurance payments are up to date and the details and level of cover registered with your insurance company are correct. You can check the insurance status of your personal vehicles through the MIB website. 

*Results from 21 December 2020 to 3 January 2021.
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