ALENA GRLAKOVA: Chilling audio recordings reveal Gary Allen's rage before Alena's murder

Date published: 17 June 2021 14:43
Dated: 17 June 2021 15:42:00

These spine-chilling audio recordings reveal the conversations murderer Gary Allen had with his victim Alena Grlakova before he strangled her to death.

In the disturbing recordings, made by Allen on a MP3 player, he can be heard losing his temper with Alena as he asked her to leave his flat in Parkgate, Rotherham.

He is also heard making threats, saying that if she ever came back then he would 'beat the f------ living s--- out of you'. Tragically, the 38-year-old did go back again, and Allen violently murdered her.

The investigation team at South Yorkshire Police knew Allen had been in contact with Alena before her death, and when these recordings were recovered, he instantly became the force's number one suspect.

DCI Mark Oughton, senior investigating officer, said: "I still remember vividly the day that DC Richard Stump came into my office and played me these recordings.

"Allen was making utterly chilling threats to Alena. It was the tipping point for this to become a murder inquiry with Allen nominated as our suspect. We don’t know Allen’s reason for making the recordings, but they were a classic 'golden nugget' for a senior investigating officer."

Following the largest investigation carried out by SYP's Major Crime Unit in recent years, Allen, 47, of no fixed address, was today convicted of Alena's murder in Rotherham in 2018, as well as the murder of Samantha Class in Hull in 1997.

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