Police warn delivery drivers of vehicle security

Date published: 26 March 2021 16:08
Dated: 26 March 2021 16:02:38
Officers are warning delivery drivers, including those that use their own vehicles to deliver parcels, to be extra vigilant while out completing their deliveries.

Thieves are stealing parcels and on occasion delivery vehicles; these stolen vehicles pose a further risk to our communities and may be used to commit other crimes.

The warning comes following an increase in delivery drivers being victims of theft across South Yorkshire. Drivers are being urged to remember that car thieves and opportunists are in the area and they will take their chance to steal parcels and your vehicle.

Detective Inspector Ben Wood explains more, he said: “We are seeing an increase in delivery drivers being targeted for theft.

“The reports we are receiving have a similar trend of drivers leaving their vehicles unlocked and thieves are taking advantage of this opportunity.

“Alongside this being distressing for the delivery driver and having an impact on our communities, stolen cars are more likely to be used in further crimes, which creates additional risks for our communities.

“We can all take simple steps to avoid this happening.”

To keep yourself, belongings and vehicle safe, please follow these simple steps:
Lock your car every time you get out of it, including as you deliver a parcel to a door, although it is a matter of minutes, thieves will take advantage.
Do not advertise your personal belongings, keep mobile phones, money and satnavs out of view.
If possible keep parcels out of view.
Do not ‘advertise’ the fact that you use your personal vehicle to deliver parcels.
Trust your instincts, if you think someone is watching you or following you, call 101 and report it.

More information about security please visit the SYP website. 
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