Operation Duxford targets criminality in East Doncaster

Date published: 12 January 2022 11:41
Dated: 12 January 2022 11:41:02

Police in Doncaster are out in force across the town today (Wednesday 12 January) as part of Operation Duxford.

Highly visible uniformed officers are taking part in Operation Duxford to help reassure law-abiding residents and crack down on criminal behaviour.

Members of the public will see an increased police presence across the town as specialist teams including mounted and roads policing officers join our Neighbourhood Policing Teams to tackle the issues that matter to our communities.

Officers have already been carrying out a range of activities this morning including drugs warrants and engagement events, which will continue throughout the day and into the evening.

Doncaster District Commander, Temporary Chief Superintendent Ian Proffitt, said: “We want the people of Doncaster to know that we are listening to their concerns, and we are acting on them.

“They will see officers out across the town today working to tackle all forms of criminality and showing those intent on criminal behaviour that it will not be tolerated, and they will be caught and dealt with.

“Teams have been out since early this morning. This activity will carry on into the evening and will see our teams deliver a range of further enforcement action.

“It is vital that people in Doncaster have the confidence to come forward and tell us what is happening in the town, as by working together and with the support of our communities, we are a stronger force in targeting criminality.

“If you see our officers out and about today, please take the opportunity to speak to them and pass on any concerns you may have about crime in your area.”

You can keep up to date with results from the day via the South Yorkshire Police social media accounts and local Doncaster NPT pages.

Operation Duxford in the East of Doncaster

Operation Duxford in the East of Doncaster

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