Launch of mental health street triage guide

Date published: 01 December 2020 10:47
Dated: 01 December 2020 10:39:36

A guide on how to carry out an evaluation of mental health triage schemes has been published for use by all police forces.

The guide, which has been supported by the Problem Solving and Demand Reduction Programme, now known as the Problem Solving and Crime Prevention Programme, was developed by  University of Nottingham as part of the ongoing work to assist police forces in evaluating mental health triage and ensure they are fit for purpose and providing value for money.

This guide, which is split into six sections, covers the critical elements of the evaluation process as well as practical information and guidance on how to work jointly with other forces and partner organisations to help ensure mental health triage schemes are fit for purpose and value for money.

The guide will be sent to all forces and uploaded to the Problem Solving and Crime Prevention Knowledge Hub page, which you can access here.

Problem Solving and Crime Prevention Programme sponsor, South Yorkshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Lauren Poultney, comments on its launch, “Mental health incidents contribute to a large proportion of our demand and understanding and having the tools to effectively evaluate triage frameworks, will allow forces to identify and use the evidence gathered to inform policies, practice and decisions around triage.

“Mental health incidents can be some of the most challenging incidents that police officers respond to. While most forces have in place some form of mental health triage scheme, it is essential to understand if these schemes are working.

“I’m looking forwards to seeing this guide being used and seeing  forces use the evidence gathered to inform policies, practice and decisions around triage and ultimately deliver the best service to those who need it.”

The Problem Solving and Innovation Programme, led by South Yorkshire Police on behalf of all forces, was the three year programme of work initiated to embed a problem solving ethos and capability across police forces and our partners. Further details on the programme are available here.

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