Doncaster man jailed for 16 years for knife attack

Date published: 23 April 2019 16:00
Dated: 23 April 2019 17:00:10

A man who severed a woman’s finger with a large butchers knife as she tried to protect his ex-partner is now serving over a decade behind bars.

Karn Errington, 24, had launched at his ex-partner with the blade after shouting that he was going to ‘chop her up’.

But the 43-year-old woman was saved from injury after another woman, aged 22, intervened.

Detective Constable Beverley Jennings, the officer who led the case, said: “Errington and the 43-year-old woman became involved in an argument about money while at a flat in St James Street, Doncaster, with Errington making substantial threats to her. He shouted that he was going to ‘chop her up’ before going to another room to get the butchers knife, returning and launching at her with it.

“It was at this point that the 22-year-old sitting next to her intervened, which resulted in Errington severing one of her fingers with the weapon.

“He then fled the area but was quickly arrested by officers who found another knife in a bag he was carrying.”

Errington, of no fixed address, appeared before court in February and entered guilty pleas to attempt section 18 wounding and section 18 wounding.

He was back at court on Thursday 18 April, where he was jailed for a total of 16 years.

DC Jennings added: “Had the 22-year-old woman not intervened, the injuries to the other victim would’ve no doubt been substantial and even potentially life-threatening.

“The injuries she sustained as a result of trying to protect the other woman, were in fact life-changing and resulted in surgery.

“Errington subjected them to a terrifying ordeal and I’m pleased that he entered guilty pleas so that his victims did not have to endure a trial.

“I hope that the sentence he has been given and knowing he is now behind bars goes some way towards helping them move on from what happened.”

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