Roads Policing Group launch Operation Illuminate

Date published: 11 April 2019 10:45
Dated: 11 April 2019 11:44:00

Our Roads Policing group have launched a new initiative this month, following feedback from the public about road safety remaining a ‘key concern’ where they live. 

Operation Illuminate, will target speeding vehicles, anti-social use of vehicles and off road bikes in priority areas.

Where staffing allows, the Road Policing Group will be deploying a dedicated ‘Illuminate officer’ in addition to normal patrols, who will cover routes defined as causing concern for communities.

These routes have been identified through public feedback, but also via crime, incident and insurance data. 

Officers will also work more closely with neighbourhood policing teams, tapping into their knowledge and improving links between different force areas. 

Operational Support Unit T/Chief Inspector Phil Barraclough explains: “Practically speaking it means officers will be tasked to certain areas to carry out highly visible and proactive patrols with the intention of promoting road safety. This will vary from speed enforcement outside schools, through to identifying those driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. 

“This means that when my officers are on Operation Illuminate patrols they have clear and tight geographical areas in all of our districts that they know to target. The liaison with our neighbourhood policing teams also ensures our approach is more collaborative. This also includes a commitment to support neighbourhood days of action whenever possible. 

“A further part of the work is the use of incident and insurance data to identify the areas in South Yorkshire with the highest number of uninsured driver collisions and factoring these areas into the patrols.”

Last month, the force also relaunched Community Speedwatch, a locally driven initiative which will see members of the community, supported by South Yorkshire Police, monitoring vehicle speeds across the county.

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