Member of the public praised by officers for intervening in assault

Date published: 11 February 2019 11:03
Dated: 11 February 2019 10:56:19

Officers in Sheffield have praised the actions of a member of the public, after he stepped in to stop a woman being assaulted in a local park. 

On the evening of Monday 21 January, we received a call reporting that a man was attacking someone in Mount Pleasant Park in the Sharrow area of Sheffield. As the incident developed, a woman was assaulted suffering minor head injuries.

On witnessing this, John Goodall, a local site manager who was walking his dog, decided to take action. He intervened, tackling the offender, who was described as being 6ft3 and of stocky build, to the ground. He then detained the man, on the floor until our officers arrived.

Superintendent Paul McCurry explains why the force wanted to acknowledge John’s actions: “His bravery and quick thinking prevented the victim being injured more seriously and allowed her to escape. He also prevented the man causing further injury to himself, our enquiries suggest that he was suffering a severe medical episode at the time. 

“John showed himself to be a brave individual who was prepared to step in and protect fellow members of the public. We cannot thank him enough for his actions that day and have awarded him with a Sheffield District Commendation. Thank you John and well done.” 

The offender was arrested on suspicion of assault, but later released. 

All of those involved have since been supported by officers and have received appropriate medical care and assistance. 

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