Calling all 15-17 year olds – SYP Cadet recruitment now open!

Date published: 01 April 2019 08:32
Dated: 01 April 2019 09:25:37

“Leap in; you’ll treasure the experience forever”

As recruitment opens today (1 April) for the South Yorkshire Police Cadet scheme, one former cadet turned PCSO is encouraging young people to apply.

PCSO Abby Grzesiek joined the cadet scheme back in 2013: “I had no idea about the cadets until I spotted posters up at school, I had thought about the police as a career but hadn’t given it much thought. I was encouraged by the Young Person’s Officer at school to give it a go and I am so happy that I did.” 

The cadet programme mixes education with engagement, as a cadet you will represent the force at community events and participate in a variety of activities and formal training. 

Abby made it through the selection process and she was soon spending every Wednesday evening with the force: “From day one we were totally immersed in the world of policing, we had presentations from officers from right across the force, telling us about crime scenes, response work, police dog training and what it takes to be a cop. I was fascinated and so excited to hear stories from long-serving officers.

“It’s not just about being sat in a room listening to people talk though, you get to join officers for certain jobs and be part of real-life operations. One thing I remember doing is helping with police dog training at the train station, I felt so lucky! I also represented the force at Remembrance Day parades and lots of other events.” 

The cadet programme runs until you reach 18, but there is an opportunity to stay on as a cadet leader, which Abby did: “I didn’t want to leave, I’d made so many friends and loved the experience so much. People asked why I was willing to give so much of my time as a volunteer, but it’s addictive! It became so close to my heart, I wanted to inspire other young people.

“Joining the cadets has also played a big role in my career progression, I’m now a PCSO! I would say to anyone who is considering applying – just do it! It’s an experience that you will always hold close to your heart, whether you join the police after it, or go on to do something else fantastic, you’ll always remember your time with the force.” 

If you’re between 15 and 17 years old and like what you’ve heard about the South Yorkshire Police cadet scheme, why not apply today?

Applications are open between 1-30 April 2019. 

Please note, due to places being limited there is a selection process. 

Interviews will be held at the end of May 2019. 

The programme starts in September 2019. 

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