Week of action disrupting Doncaster crime group

Date published: 12 March 2019 08:22
Dated: 12 March 2019 08:22:00

More than 15 people have been arrested, 13 knives recovered and drugs seized as part of a week of action in Doncaster.

A number of warrants and 30 stop and searches were also carried out during last week’s activity, which focused around the Mexborough, Conisbrough and Denaby areas.

The aim of the operation, as Sergeant Matthew Cowling explains, was to disrupt the activities of those involved in organised crime.

“Throughout the week, officers from our Fortify Team were working hard to disrupt a known organised crime group operating in the area.

“As always, we are keen to send out an incredibly strong message to members of that group, and also the local community, that we will work tirelessly to ensure that these people are identified and apprehended.

“Last week we did just that, arresting and charging a number of individuals, seizing quantities of drugs including crack cocaine, heroin and amphetamines and executing warrants at key addresses we believe may be linked to criminality in the area.

“13 knives were also handed in to officers, who flooded the areas throughout the week, in addition to carrying out thorough open land searches and stop searches of individuals suspected of carrying drugs.”

As part of the operation, led by the Doncaster Fortify Team, the use of automatic number plate recognition was also used, stopping vehicles thought to be used or associated with people involved in criminality in the area.

Sgt Cowling added: “On two days of the operation we were assisted by traffic and firearms officers, stopping vehicles reportedly linked to the group.

“In total, five people were arrested for a range of offences including possession of drugs and driving while disqualified.

“A taser was also recovered from one of the vehicles stopped, in addition to two fixed penalty notices being handed out and one warning notice. 

“A total of 16-arrests were made throughout the operation for a variety of offences and we’re really pleased to have seized quantities of drugs and weapons as part of our activity. 

“Officers have made it known to these individuals involved in organised crime that our efforts are going to be relentless and that if you’re involved in this type of crime, you will be stopped, you will be searched and you will be arrested.

“Rest assured, if you live in those areas, you can expect to see regular operations taking place to ensure these people are identified and the area is made a safer and more enjoyable place to be.”

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