Date published: 12 June 2019 14:17

The Department of Health and the Met Office work closely to monitor temperatures during the summer months. Local organisations such as the NHS and Local Authorities plan to make sure that services reach the people that need them during periods of extreme weather.

One of the key messages to reduce heat related illness is to keep cool. You can do this by:

  • Keeping out of the heat between 11.00am and 3.00pm where possible.
  • If you do have to go out into the heat, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a hat
  • Avoid extreme physical exertion
  • Wear light, loose fitting cotton clothes
  • Have plenty of cold drinks, but avoid caffeine and alcohol where possible
  • Keep windows and curtains that are exposed to the sun closed during the day and open windows at night when the temperature drops

Using water wisely

The water supply companies for South Yorkshire have some great advice on their websites:

Grass fire warning during hot weather

Fire crews are warning the public to take extra care during periods of hot weather to avoid any accidental grass fires. During hot and dry weather the risk of grass fires increases, but following a few simple steps can greatly reduce the chance of a fire starting. Fire officers are asking people to help prevent grass fires by:

  • Not using open fires in the countryside
  • Making sure any barbecue or disposable barbecue is only used in a suitable location and is extinguished properly after use
  • Extinguishing cigarettes completely and not throwing cigarette ends on the ground
  • Not leaving bottles or glass in woodland – sunlight shining through glass can start fires

Fire crews want their resources available to protect the communities of South Yorkshire; incidents involving accidental grass fires can use up a lot of these vital resources.