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Date published: 22 June 2022 11:33

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Rebecca Richardson

Hi, I am Inspector Rebecca Richardson, I cover all areas of Barnsley with the exception of the Town Centre. My teams are broken down into Barnsley West, Barnsley South, Barnsley South East, Barnsley North and Barnsley North East.

I have over 14 years’ experience as a police officer and love working across the Neighbourhood Teams serving Barnsley; our officers have passion and dedication for their areas, creating a safer and more enjoyable area for those who live and work here.

Neighbourhood policing has great benefits, it enables us to work closely with the public, community groups, partner agencies and businesses to be able to reduce crime and solve re-occurring and community issues.

This style of policing enables us to be part of the community and adapt problem solving approaches to local issues.

The past 12 months have been challenging for everyone and officers are keen to start engaging with you face to face again, understand your concerns and take action. We are incredibly grateful for the support given to us during this difficult and challenging time and look forward to seeing you all out enjoying Barnsley once again.

Your local police station is:

Hoyland Police Station

Hoyland Rd, Hoyland, Barnsley
S74 0AP

You can contact us:

The priorities for the Barnsley South Neighbourhood Policing Team are:

  • Improving Road Safety/reducing speed
  • Continue to tackle nuisance youth/ASB across in the South NPT area
  • Continue to disrupt and enforce action against the use of off road bikes/Quads across the South NPT area

You said...

You want us to improve road safety and reducing speed.

We did...

Our team have embraced this, and have and continue to carry out a number of UNIPAR speed monitoring exercises. These have been done with help from the public by way of identifying locations for the work to be done. We have managed to build up a bank of hotspots for deployment, these include (among others) Sheffield Road at Birdwell, Armroyd Lane at Elsecar, Clough Fields Road at Hoyland and Barnsley Road at Platts Common. We do seek to to identify more. In January a month long operation was conducted and 14 focused operations were carried out, resulting in 938 vehicles being checked, with 54 failing.

We work closely with our colleagues at the safety camera partnership, and any results we get from our operations are forwarded onto them to process advisory correspondence to the drivers. We also sometimes utilise Sec59 of the Police Reform Act during these ops, and in some cases, issues roadside warning notices to offending motorists. Additionally, I have also volunteered to be involved with the SCP's development of more accurate equipment roll out, and I am awaiting further updates on this.

Our team also often receive reports of speeding and 'boy racer' type behaviour along the Dearne Valley Parkway from Birdwell to Corton Wood Retail Park. To this end, the location receives proactive hi visibility reassurance and deterrence patrols. We have also carried out targeted operations that have included proactive patrolling along the corridor, and engagement visits with the petrol station at Birdwell as this appears to be a congregation spot with their being fast food outlets nearby.

You said...

Continue to tackle nuisance youth anti-social behaviour across in the South NPT area

We did...

Using the help of the public and SM, we have been able to identify a number of locations throughout our NPT area for youth nuisance and anti social behaviour. Wombwell High Street, Hoyland Town Centre and The Old Forge Building at Elsecar are the primary areas of concern. These locations receive routine visibility patrols at key times. Both Wombwell High Street and Hoyland Town Centre are on officer's patrols logs almost every shift.

In January, The Old Forge in particular came to our attention for youth nuisance and general ASB. Members of public were telling us that this was happening regularly, so using the 'you said, we did' theme, we intensified our focus at this location. This has resulted in one officer carrying our an extra 38 proactive patrols of the location. It has to be said that the findings of these patrols didn't unearth a great deal of ASB, but what was discovered was dealt with by way of offenders being removed from the streets, and given ASB warning letters. That officer has been in regular contact with the complainant, and can feedback that she is very satisfied with how we have approached this, and her general perception of the police is good.

There are of course other ASB locations that we patrol, these being Millhouses Street Park at Elsecar (youth nuisance), Elsecar Heritage Centre Car Park (vehicle related ASB) Wombwell Park (nuisance motorbikes).

You said...

Continue to disrupt and enforce action against the use of off road bikes/Quads across the South NPT area.

We did...

Our team receive regular reports form members of the public around this issue, and with their help we have managed to identify a number of local hotspots for this, these being Wombwell Park, Wombwell Woods, Inkerman Field at Darfield, the Trans Pennine Trail that runs through the entire south beat, and Elsecar Wood and Jump Fields. These locations receive regular proactive patrols at what we believe to be key times (mostly weekends and evenings). Due to the nature of these locations, patrolling has to be done by foot, but in the dryer months we are able to deploy our cycle into these areas. These type of patrols are excellent at displacing offenders, and gathering intelligence on offenders and their machines. They also enable us to engage with any members of public in the area, and exploit any information they pass to us.

Additionally, we have also ran a number of targeted operations with the support from the ORBit (Off road bike intervention unit). These operations are usually ran on weekends and have resulted in a number of machines being seized and offenders warned under S59 of the PRA.

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