Misconduct Hearing

Date published: 06 January 2022 08:16

Misconduct Hearings and Special Case Hearings are public unless the person chairing the hearing decides to exclude the public from part or all of a sitting.

Purpose of Public Misconduct Hearing

Misconduct Hearings are held to present the facts of a case and allow officers the opportunity to explain their conduct and the circumstances surrounding an allegation. Witnesses may also be called to give evidence. The purpose of a Public Hearing is to show that the Police disciplinary system is open and transparent and holds officers in breach of acceptable Standards of Professional Behaviour, or those that found guilty of misconduct, accountable for their actions.

Purpose of Public Special Case Hearing

Special Case Misconduct Hearings are designed to demonstrate that officers are held to account for their actions. However, they are ‘fast track’ procedures, where there is incontrovertible evidence to establish, on the balance of probabilities, the conduct of the officer constitutes gross misconduct and the officer concerned should cease to be a police officer, without delay. For this reason there will be no witness testimony other than from the officer concerned, if they choose to give evidence.

Forthcoming Misconduct Hearings

Officer's name: An officer      

Date of the hearing: 8 and 9 February 2022    

Time of the hearing: 10am  

The place at which the hearing will take place: The Professional Standards Department, Sheffield.   

A description of the alleged conduct: 

On 21 August 2020, an officer sent an email to a member of staff at South Yorkshire Police, in which the officer stated that they had an appointment on the morning of the 25th August 2020, which was untrue and which they knew to be untrue.

On or around the 22 August 2020, whilst off sick from work, the officer travelled to Greece without notifying a supervisor and/or seeking authorisation or leave.

On 25 August 2020, while off sick from work and on holiday in Greece, during a phone call with the Occupational Health Unit, an officer informed the Occupational Health Unit that they were at a funeral in Belgium, which was untrue and which they knew to be untrue.

The above conduct breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Honesty and Integrity and Duties and Responsibilities and individually or cumulatively amounts to gross misconduct. 

The officer has a number of health problems, which will be discussed throughout the course of the hearing.  The Legally Qualified Chair has decided that the health of the officer and the allegations are inextricably linked to the allegations and therefore a part public hearing could not be practicable.  A decision has therefore been made that the hearing will be in private and the officer will not be named. 

Misconduct Hearing Application

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