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Date published: 30 June 2023 09:36
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The Inspiring Youth Award project is run by a dedicated team of serving and retired police officers and volunteers all of whom have an interest in the personal development of young people.

The project has been running since 2004, and was changed and revised in 2012. In January 2015, a new level was added to the project and the project was accepted by a national awarding body giving the potential for young people to gain a unique award not available anywhere outside of South Yorkshire. In 2018 the level 1 award was accredited so students can gain 5 credits at level 1.

The award scheme can be entered through participating schools, a recognised sponsor organisation or directly by individuals through the project team. Enrolment is between September and the beginning of December each year, the submission date for the folder of evidence is the Friday before the end of the school summer break each year.

The awards evening for the most successful candidates is usually held in the following September.

There is also a page attached that your parents need to see if you are thinking of participating in the award scheme.

Who we are

We are members of South Yorkshire Police who have created this unique award scheme for young people, predominantly in Years 9 and 10 at school.

The project provides activities and the opportunities to explore and investigate a full range of subjects all of which are designed to make you more informed about your school, your home life and life in yours and other communities around you.

The award scheme has two levels and gives the potential to work with us for 18 months or more. It is designed to increase your personal development and to become a more active participant in your own environment. You are only competing against yourself and the more effort you put in, the more benefit you will get out of the scheme.

What can you achieve - read more here 

The project team will visit your school several times throughout the scheme and give you instruction and tuition to enable you to complete all aspects of the project. We work closely with school staff and a member of their staff will be available during term times to assist and direct you.

If there is still something you don't understand or want further information, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your query. Alternatively, speak to a member of the project team the next time we are in school.

We hope that you will participate fully and attempt to complete all sections of the award. You will be recognised for each section that you complete.

Meet our project leads and sponsor pictured below:

Head shot of Chief Constable Lauren Poultney

Project Lead - Chief Constable Lauren Poultney

Head and shoulders shot of John Mallows

Project Director - Chief Inspector John Mallows

Dr Alan Billings pictured sat at his desk with his computer

Project Sponsor - Dr Alan Billings - Police and Crime Commissioner

What we do

Starting in September through to December, we are very busy visiting each participating school and launching the award via a presentation at morning assemblies.

Once suitable candidates have been identified, we can start working with them straight away giving them instruction and direction on how to complete the application form what type of activities you will be expected to undertake, plus getting to know the other candidates in your school or organisation so you can work together on some elements of the award.

You are not competing against anyone else and you are assessed on how much development you have made during your time on the project.

Future visits to school will see instruction on such things as time management, learning through experience and project design and management.

Each visit from us will see a different activity covered and we will be asking what progress you have made on each subject area.

You will be expect to do the work but there will be help on hand through either the school tutor or the school project team should you require any assistance with any part of the project.

Certificates and awards are presented at a grand ceremony where VIP’s, Head Teachers and staff from all participating schools are there to see you receive your award.

four men stood around the Inspiring Youth Banner, pictured is: School Project Team - L - R Mr Bill Thomas, Mr David Turner MBE, Mr Bobby Dev MBE,Mr Jamie Jameson

School Project Team - L - R Mr Bill Thomas, Mr David Turner MBE, Mr Bobby Dev MBE,Mr Jamie Jameson


In 2014, the project team completely rewrote the scheme and added another level to the project presenting it to an organisation called the “Professional Development Consortium”. Read more about the accreditation here 

Level 2 of the project

As part of the Level 2 programme, we will ask you to complete a “Personal Development Portfolio” to chart your improvement through the project and provide the evidence that you have completed the project yourself. Example attached here.

You can have a go at completing parts 2 and 3 of the portfolio, setting yourself some objectives, a realistic timescale, what actions you would take and what outcome you would expect.

Skills covered in level 2 -   Click here 

Our achievements so farClick here

If you have any enquiries please contact:

Bobby.G.S. Dev MBE (SC7027)

Inspiring Youth Project Manager

South Yorkshire Police

Tele: 0114 2964921

Mobile: 07787883140

Or contact Mr David Turner MBE -  Tel; 07767723935

What you do

To participate in the scheme, you must attend one of our presentations at our launch assemblies in school. You will be given a “Parental Consent” form that outlines what the award is all about. You must take the form home, discuss it with your parents / guardian, and get them to sign it.

You will not be able to take part without your parent / guardian’s consent. If you are having trouble with this, the School Project Team and we can have a word with them and discuss the benefits of the scheme and what it can do for you.

Once accepted onto the award scheme, we will set you off on a journey of discovery and challenge that will require you to seek out information about school, your contribution to home life and your community and ask you to record your findings.

We will also require you to set yourself some challenging targets to chart your own personal development, improve your physical fitness and improve your performance in school, at home and in your local community.

There will be activities and things to do in the school holidays as well as at weekends. We don’t give you the award; you earn it through your own hard work and effort.

What does your participation mean to your school or your sponsor?  

By completing the award through your school and you becoming the winning student, you will win them the Inspiring Youth Shield to keep for a year. This year Top scoring students are from:

This extremely prestigious award is competed for each year by participating schools and is highly regarded by school staff.

Competition is tough due to the number of schools taking part and staff work hard to assist you to become the winning student and gain the shield which they keep for a year before it is up for grabs again at the next awards evening.  

Are you up for the challenge?

Message to schools/sponsors - Click here 

Volunteers - Know anyone that could help us?

We are constantly looking for new people to help us in the project. As the award scheme grows and more young people participate, we need more helpers to assist them in achieving their goals.

If you think you can assist, or know someone else who may be able to help, get in touch.

No qualifications are required. You will need to be vetted for working with the police and with young people but the only qualification needed is a genuine desire to see young people reach their goals.

Follow the link, complete the application form today, and help young people become ambassadors in their schools and communities.

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