Diversity, Equality and Inclusion within South Yorkshire Police

Date published: 23 January 2020 13:20
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Follow on Twitter - @TeamSYP

Team SYP – leading the way in Diversity, Equality & Inclusion within policing

South Yorkshire Police is an organisation that welcomes, supports, encourages and values all staff and officers (including Special Constables, Volunteers and Cadets) from underrepresented communities.

Good policing is about contact with new ideas, and diversity in people creates diversity of thought. By increasing our own diversity, we are better able to protect and serve all our communities.

Our Force is working hard towards creating a socially diverse workforce, where everyone can be themselves, with confidence, and where everyone embraces each other’s unique individuality, backgrounds and heritage, strengths and skills. Diverse, inclusive teams solve problems better and develop a broader and more understanding Police Force.

Once you have joined South Yorkshire Police, you can access a number of staff networks and diverse mentors, there to support you during your career. From social interaction, peer support and personal development, our staff networks and mentors, run by our own staff and officers, bring people together from all our underrepresented communities. Currently our internal support networks include:



MAG - Menopause Action Group

SYP 4D - Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia & Dyspraxia

EDHR - Equality, Diversity & Human Rights


AMP - Association for Muslim Police (staff and officers)

CPA - Christian Police Association

Womens Network

He4She - Male officers supporting female officers to progress

SYP AA - Autism Association

MEN - Mens Engagement Network

Plus our Well-being champions, Back-up Buddy - a downloadable app to support officers, staff and their families with mental health (free 24/7 support) and Gold Positive Action group, led by Deputy Chief Constable  Mark Roberts, supported by Chief Inspector Helen Lewis as Silver.

We also have our own in-house Dyslexia Assessor Group (DAG), providing evaluations for those staff or officers who feel they may have dyslexia, ensuring role appropriate reasonable adjustments are provided and on going support is available.

Regardless of your race, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religion or belief, sex, marital/partnership status, age or disability – we want to hear from you! Please email recruiting@southyorks.pnn.police.uk  for more information on support offered, in particular if you are from the BAME, LGBT+ or Disabled community.

Below are a few videos, made by some of the staff and officers who work for us and written interviews and Blogs from external role models and internal staff and officers. Scroll down to view more:

Team SYP are proud to announce we are included in the top 50 most Inclusive Companies in the UK.

This prestigious ranking is due to the hard work of Team SYP, ensuring that current and potential employees from all our under-represented communities, feel valued and supported throughout their career.

There is no hierarchy of diversity within Team SYP, but an ethos of balance, based upon merit.

From our Chief Constable down, we strive to be a truly inclusive organisation, where individuals can excel whilst being who they really are.

If you want to find out more about a career with an outstanding Force (as a police officer, volunteer or within one of our 500+ support roles), please email:


Team SYP were shortlisted for the Diverse Company Award in the National Diversity Awards.

This is an incredible achievement, bearing in mind there were over 28,000 nominees! 

Have a read below for an example of some of the work Team SYP have been working on to help South Yorkshire Police become a more diverse company. 

Team SYP have set up a number of staff support networks, including Menopause Action Group (MAG), MEN (Mens Engagement Network) Autism Network as well as supporting already established networks, BAME, Muslim, Christian, Disability, LGBT+, Women's Network and SYP 4D (support network for Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia).  By establishing and encouraging these support networks, employees and potential candidates are encouraged to consider us as THE employer of choice

Team SYP also created to role of Strategic Coordinator for the newly formed Dyslexia Assessor Group (DAG). This initiative provides in house evaluation for anyone who feels they may have dyslexia alongside assessment for dyslexia for new employees, should they wish. This ensures all staff and officers are provided with a quick in-house assessment and role appropriate reasonable adjustments.

To read more about all the work Team SYP have been doing over the last 12 months click the link below :


T/Detective Chief Inspector chatted to one of our deaf colleagues about working in South Yorkshire police, the PLOD initiative and support she receives.

We value and support all our diverse staff and officers and if you would like to find out more about applying for a job in South Yorkshire police, please send an email to:


Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in South Yorkshire Police

The Diversity and Inclusion Unit leads on the recruitment of all underrepresented communities and is based within the HR recruitment team. Its range of focus takes in both external and internal vacancy candidates, for all roles, including:

Police Officer

Student Officer

Special Constable



We encourage and support candidates from our underrepresented communities who wish to apply for roles within South Yorkshire police, however, all candidates are assessed on their own merit and capability. Our predominate areas of under representation are currently:

Disability, BAME, LGBT+ (all roles)

Females are also currently underrepresented in police officer roles and males are currently underrepresented in staff roles.

Please email: positiveaction@southyorks.pnn.police.uk for more information

The Equality Unit leads on the strategic management of equality, diversity and human rights for South Yorkshire Police. Set within the HR Career Services department, its range of focus takes in the service provided to the public as well as the organisation’s relationship with its workforce.

Core areas of activity for the Equality Unit include:

  • Driving the SYP Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy.
  • Developing and driving the South Yorkshire Police
  • Gathering, publication and monitoring of SYP Equality data.
  • Helping to fulfil the community engagement commitment of both the Force and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner with different sections of the South Yorkshire public
  • Fostering the widest use of good practice like Positive Action where under-representation occurs and Equality Analysis in the management of change
  • The continuing professional development of a broad range of roles in equality, diversity and human rights responsibilities