Application Process

Date published: 30 June 2021 07:50

What is the application process for the SYP Returners Scheme?

a) Short application completed on the e-recruitment system

b) Application reviewed District Commander/Departmental Head

c) Suitability interview

d) EDB to confirm posting.

e) Recruitment checks completed including, review of disciplinary record, attendance , PDR, medical assessment and vetting checks.

What is the selection process?

The following selection process will be applied in all cases

a) Competency;

b) Committed to further service;

c) In satisfactory health (with medical assessment);

d) Clear from serious (potential/actual) misconduct or UPP

A key part of the application process the applicant must evidence the skills, knowledge and experience they possesses. In particular, focus will be given if:

  • The officer has a set of specialist knowledge, skills and experience that under current circumstances would be difficult if not almost impossible to replace.
  • The individual is serving or has served in a post where the service has difficulty in recruiting or retaining personnel to fill them and as a result may contribute to a critical shortfall in that discipline locally or service wide.

Is there an appeals process built into the selection process?

No there is no appeals process.

What will the medical assessment process be?

You will need to complete a health declaration form, which will be assessed by OHU. You may then be required to undergo a medical assessment, which may involve a medical examination, prior to be being able to join the scheme.

The assessment will be to ensure that you are fit and remain in satisfactory health for the role of a police officer.