Online Assessment Centre

Date published: 07 September 2023 08:39

Online Assessment Centre

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be invited to attend the College of Policing online assessment centre.

You will be sent a link to access and confirm an assessment slot, followed by an invitation to access the online platform along with further instructions. The assessment can be taken any time of day at any location.

The online assessment will consist of the following:

  • Welcome video and confirmation of terms and conditions
  • Competency-based video interview, with 5 questions in total (35 minutes)
  • Written exercise (45 minutes)
  • Briefing exercise (45 minutes)

Prior to your interview, you will receive guidance and hints and tips for the interview, along with the opportunity to complete a practice question.

You will be provided with all the materials required on the day for your written and briefing exercising, along with a candidate online assessment guidance document prior to your online assessment.

You should receive the results of your online assessment approximately four to five weeks after completion.

Reasonable Adjustment requirements

If you require an adjustment to be made to the recruitment process e.g adjustments required due to dyslexia, confirmation via a relevant report will need to be provided with your application form.

If you believe you require a reasonable adjustment to the recruitment process but have not been assessed to date, you are required to source and undertake an assessment (at your own expense) so we are able to consider reasonable adjustments at the online assessment centre stage (if applicable).