South Yorkshire Volunteer Police Cadets

Date published: 16 February 2024 09:25

South Yorkshire Volunteer Police Cadets represent the force at community events and participate in a variety of activities and formal training as well as learning about various roles within the police.

Applications for Cadets

Recruitment is now closed and will reopen in April 2024 for four weeks.

All secondary schools will be notified and posts will appear on our social media channels with a link to the application form.

What you will learn as a Cadet

During the scheme you will explore the following subjects:

  • citizenship
  • personal development
  • police powers
  • road safety
  • personal safety
  • diversity issues
  • crime prevention
  • drug law and connected issues
  • radio/communications
  • theft/criminal damage
  • public order/sporting events

Expectations of Cadets

You will be expected to:

  • dress smartly and wear appropriate uniform when attending cadet evenings and other events
  • adhere to force policy on dress and personal appearance at work, which covers hair - for example no shaved areas/ patterns, natural coloured hair only, long hair tied up in a bun - facial hair, jewellery, cosmetics and tattoos
  • supply your own plain black shoes/boots which must be worn with black socks
  • attend a weekly district meeting held on a Wednesday evening and volunteer for additional activities that may take place at evenings and weekends
  • be punctual at all times and inform the cadet manager if delayed for any reason.
  • participate in no acts likely to bring discredit on either the South Yorkshire Police Volunteer Cadets or South Yorkshire Police
  • successfully pass a probationary period.

Please note that you may also be subject to background checks as part of the recruitment process.


  • You need to be 15 years old by 31 August 2024 and no older than 17 years of age by 31 May 2025
  • You need to live in South Yorkshire


All successful candidates must attend a two-day mandatory induction programme.

Induction Day 1 – you will be allocated Monday 29 July or Monday 19 August 2024 (based on your availability).

Induction Day 2 – you will be allocated Friday 2 August or Tuesday 20 August or Friday 23 August 2024 (based on your availability).

Start Date

The next cadet programme starts on 4th September 2024.