New registrations

Date published: 15 September 2020 13:35

What documents do I need to bring?

  • Passport - This is essential. Photos or photocopies are not accepted.(If you have sent your passport away to apply for a new visa please book a new appointment instead)
  • Entry Clearance Visa - which is contained in your passport and a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card)

Wording on the Entry Clearance Visa should contain something similar to Police Registration within seven days of UK entry / Register with Police /Pol Reg.

This requirement covers all types of visas. Your Entry Clearance visa will then be replaced in the UK by your BRP card, which allows you to remain in the country until your studies /employment have been completed. This also applies to persons with Dependant visas.

  • BRP card - photos or photocopies are not accepted

If, you have come into the UK between 3-6 months as a short term student or as a tier four student (studying English language), then you will not have the requirement to register with police on that Entry Clearance Visa.

If you complete your short course and then progress onto a longer course, your next visa will require you to register with police.

If your BRP card has the wording Leave to remain, then you should have received an email or letter from Home Office Atlas which states that you must register with police within seven days. This is very important and we MUST see that email /letter at your appointment as well as your BRP card.

  • Details of address - This can be an accommodation contract/tenancy agreement. Universities also produce bank letters which will contain your address – including your room/flat number
  • Details of studies -  (for short term students and tier 4 students) please bring your Unconditional Offer / CAS Statement which clearly shows which course you are enrolled on as well as the start and end dates
  • Details of employment - (for tier 2 / tier 5 and academic visitors) please bring a letter from your employer which states your occupation and place of work as well as the start date (and end date if applicable).
  • Details of company created - (for self employed/tier 1 entrepreneur/start up visa holders ) If you have created, or are in the process of setting up your own business, please inform us of the company name.

Other than your passport and BRP, we are happy to see other documents in an email – it would be helpful if  you can take screen shots of them -  as our internet connection is not very good. Screen shots can be accessed easily on your phone.

Attending the appointment 

Please attend the appointment on your own – please do not bring friends or family with you, even to wait in the queue. We are trying to keep visitor numbers to a minimum for everyone’s safety.

If you have a dependant (husband/wife) who also need to complete the registration process please book consecutive appointments if possible. We understand that sometimes people need help with interpreting or do not feel comfortable coming to an appointment on their own. Please do not book one appointment and expect us to be able to see another person at that time. Each person needs their own appointment which takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Children under 16 do not have a requirement to register with police. Please do not bring them to the appointment with you, especially if they are unwell.

If you have a problem on the day of your appointment with childcare, please email us at:- and we will try to arrange a new appointment for you another day.

Please do not arrive more than five minutes before your appointment time. You will need to show your email with your appointment details to a member of staff so they can direct you to the correct waiting area. You may be required to wait in a queue outside the police station at busy times.

Whilst you are waiting, please make sure you have all your documents ready for staff to see. This will help make your appointment time quicker.

If you are more than five minutes late we cannot guarantee that we will be able to see you and you may be asked to book another appointment.  Please email us if you think you are going to be late, especially if you are travelling from Rotherham, Doncaster or Barnsley at


The fee for a new Police Registration Certificate (PRC) is £34.00.

This also applies if you have lost your PRC and need a replacement issuing.

We only accept credit/debit cards (not American Express) as well as Apple Pay. Cash is not accepted.